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Living labs:

  1. Economia circolare e packaging sostenibile: il progetto FEDKITO. June 10th, 2022, University of Ferrara and University of Pisa, Italy. Conti B., Farina P., Tani C., Abenaim L., Michelini E., Bartolini F.
  2. Un living lab del progetto Fedkito: “Il contributo degli insetti alla sostenibilità”. May 17th, 2023, Pisa, Italy.
  3. Economie circulaire et emballage durable à base de chitosan et d’huiles essentielles. September 1th, 2023, IPC (Technical Industrial Centre of the French plastics and composites)  Conti B., Venturi F., Khemakhem M., Michelini E. (facilitator Mazzoleni L.). Video link


  1. 6th International Symposium on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants SIPAM, March 18-21st, 2023, Djerba, Tunisia. Taglieri I., Sanmartin C., Farina P., Bedini S., Conti B., Ferroni G., Venturi F. – Essential oils combined with chitosan for beef meat preservation: a sensory analysis approach to improve a sustainable storage solution.
  2. 3rd World Conference Revitalization of Mediterranean Diet “Change of Route Towards More Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems in Mediterranean Countries: the Mediterranean Diet as a Strategic Resource to Accelerate the Agenda 2030 in the Region”. September 28-30th, 2022, International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAN), Bari, Italy.
  3. XL National Congress of the Italian Society of Agricultural Chemistry (SICA) Conciliating sustainability, resilience, and food quality. New challenges for a 2030 agriculture. September 5-7th, 2022, Pisa, Italy. Mannucci A., Boschi A., Pomarè L., Santin M., Coltelli M.B., Panariello L., Abenaim L., Conti B., Castagna A., Ranieri A. – Extraction and characterization of chitosan extracted from Hermetia illucens at different stages of growth.
  4. 21st International Symposium on Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence & XIX International Symposium on Luminescence Spectrometry. May 31st – June 3rd, 2022, Gijon, Spain. Michelini E. – Bioluminescence goes portable: novel biosensors for point-of-need applications.
  5. 3rd International Conference on Analytical and Bioanalytical Methods. October 18-20th, 2021.Michelini E. – Effect-Based Analysis of Bio-Based Products with Low-Cost Biosensors and Nanotools.
  6. SCI2021 XXVII Congresso Nazionale della Società Chimica Italiana. September 14-23rd, 2021. Montali L., Lopreside A., Calabretta M.M., Michelini E. – A clover-like paper biosensor for mercury (II) on-site monitoring with a combined bioluminescent-colorimetric detection.
  7. 3rd International Conference on Analytical and Bioanalytical Methods. October18-20th, 2021. Calabretta M.M. – Paper-Based Biosensors for Global Security Threats.
  8. Biosensors 2021.July 26-29th, 2021, Haeundae-gu, South Korea. Montali L., Lopreside A., Wang B., Salinitro M., Tassoni A., Ferri M., Calabretta M.M., Michelini E. – Orthogonal paper biosensor for mercury (II) combining bioluminescence and colorimetric smartphone detection.
  9. Innovation in food and wine: a multidisciplinary and synergistic approach to enhance the territory. December 4th, 2020, Pisa, Italy. Conti B. – PRIMA’s project FEDKITO: Fresh food sustainable packaging in the circular economy.


  1. 180 Years of Excellence in Agricultural Sciences in Pisa: the State of Research Today. October 29th, 2021, Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment, University of Pisa, Italy. Farina P., Abenaim L., Bedini S., Conti B. – The PRIMA project Fedkito: from insects and plants a green solution to protect fresh fruit and vegetables.
  2. 3rd International Webinar on Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. October 29th, 2021. Calabretta M.M. – Paper-based bio-chemiluminescence biosensors.
  3. On-line Symposium on Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence & XIX International Symposium on Luminescence Spectrometry. June24th, 2021. Montali L., Lopreside A., Calabretta M.M., Michelini E. – Combined bioluminescent and colorimetric smartphone detection for mercury (II) with a three-leaf paper-based biosensor.
  4. Online conference: Pink and green. January 29th, 2021.


  1. EXPO of Dubai. February 17th – 23rd, 2022, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Ranieri A. – FEDKITO project was presented during the Food, Agriculture and Livelihoods Week.
  2. XIX Festival della Scienza. October 21st – November 1st, 2021, Genova, Italy. Ranieri A., Castagna A. – Short video on chitosan extraction and use as edible coating for fresh foods.

Short videos:

  1. FEDKITO short video by Calabretta M.M. and Michelini E. (UNIBO).
  2. The chitosan: a precious resource in food preservation by Santin M. (UNIPI).


Elisa Michelini (UNIBO) held two lectures tailored for PhD students’ audience:

  1. International Biophotonics Artificial Intelligence School in Florence, Italy (September 5-9th, 2022,
  2. National School of Optical Biosensors and Biophotonic in Ischia, Italy (June 6-10th, 2022,

Elisa Michelini (UNIBO) held a lecture tailored for graduate students’ audience:

  1. International Summer School on Natural Products-2021 (July 16-18th, 2021, 

David Siaussat (SU) held two lectures (October and November 2020) for master students of Ecophysiology and Ecotoxicology, Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution speaking about the use of essential oils as insecticide or attractant in the Impact of Natural Compounds on pest in M1 level module “ecophysiology” and on M2 level module “Biotic relation in Agronomy”.

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