Work Package 3

WP3 – Studies on the protection given by aromatized CHT against key insect and fungi species

LeaderUniversité Sorbonne


  1. To evaluate, under laboratory conditions, the protection offered by EOs, CHT and by EOs-enriched CHT formulations against C. capitata and Drosophila suzukii on fruits, Spodoptera littoralis on tomatoes, C. vomitoria and L. sericata on meat and P. casei on cheese.
  2. To create a fungal collection including isolates of P. expansum, P. italicum and P. digitatum, isolated from affected fruits (apple and citrus) and/or received by colleagues.
  3. To select EOs or their mix effective against Penicillium spp. growth.
  4. To determine the MIC (Minimum Inhibitory Concentration) of EOs affecting fungal growth.
  5. To evaluate the effect of CHT on fungal growth.
  6. To evaluate the effect of the final formulations (CHT+EOs), applied on FF, on Penicillium spp. growth and mycotoxin production.
  7. To evaluate the antioxidant capacity of CHT and EOs.

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